APD on Asheville’­s gangs and “really good weed”

It was May 1, and Capt. Tim Splain, an 18-year veteran of the Asheville Police Department who’s the head of criminal investigations, was in the firing line (metaphorically speaking) at the latest session of the city’s ongoing Citizens Academy. “Let me be clear: Hip-hop does not cause gangs,” Splain declared after asserting that local media […]

ACLU questions publicizin­g prostituti­on arrests

The Asheville Police Department’s new online Police Blotter, which publicizes prostitution arrests, has come under fire from the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina. The Raleigh-based group challenged the practice in a March 6 letter to Assistant City Attorney Curt Euler. “With regard to the posting of arrestees’ names and photos on the police […]

APD launches prostituti­on Web site

The Asheville Police Department has launched a new online police blotter where they will post the photos of individuals arrested on prostitution charges. The photos, names, charges and cities of residence of individuals arrested for prostitution (including the “johns,” as they are called) will be displayed on the site and on the Asheville Channel’s Bulletin […]

Color me bad? Asheville Police  make another grafitti arrest-attachment0

Color me bad? Asheville Police make another grafitti arrest

Earlier this month, we reported on the Asheville Police Department’s graffiti crackdown and the arrest of three people for alleged “graffiti-related crimes.”  Now the APD has announced the arrest of another person, 18-year-old John Baxter Harrill Jr.,  as a result of an investigation into graffiti activities downtown. According to an e-mail from APD Officer Steve Riddle, Harrill’s Fairview home was searched and a collection of “items related to vandalism” were seized, spawning reactions from city officials.