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Healthy knowledge: whooping cough and you

Earlier this week, North Carolina health officials confirmed eight cases of whooping cough and suspect 23 more at an Almanace County elementary school. Though Alamance County is about three hours away from Asheville, the fears about this infectious disease are not isolated to county lines. Disease control supervisor of the Buncombe County Health Department, Sue Ellen Morrision, tells us more.


Let’s get one thing clear from the start: Cara Oshiver is selling poles. Pole-dancing poles. Portable pole-dancing poles. Cara Oshiver When the 30-year-old walked into the Mountain Xpress offices recently looking for someone to tell her story, though, it was her sincerity more than her sales pitch that grabbed our attention. Oshiver wants nothing less […]

Askville: The amazing adventures of Wild Freeborn

Wild Freeborn found fame by accident, during a quest to sell 12,000 Girl Scout cookies. Along the way, she decided celebrity’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The 8-year-old became an overnight sensation after Newsweek wrote about her cookie-marketing technique, and the fact that the Girl Scouts of America didn’t approve. Bryan Freeborn, Wild’s […]

Re-energizing Asheville

About a year ago, the Asheville City Council set an ambitious long-term goal for reducing the city’s contribution to climate change: an 80 percent cut in city government’s carbon emissions by 2050. That means looking for ways to conserve, retrofitting city facilities with more energy-efficient technologies, and generally shrinking Asheville’s carbon footprint at a rate […]