STRING THEORY: “In retrospect, when I look back on my life, I understand there had always been a passion for banjo music,” says Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees. As a solo act, he's taken that instrument far from its folk and bluegrass roots. Photo courtesy of the musician

One-man banjo: Tall Tall Trees puts a new spin on an old instrument

When you think of the banjo, you might think of Earl Scruggs or Uncle Dave Macon, or even Steve Martin. You probably don’t think of loop pedals or bowing, or ancillary sounds from percussive tapping and blowing; you probably don’t imagine anything that could be classified as “space banjo.” But that’s exactly the kind of music banjo player Mike Savino of band-turned-solo-act Tall Tall Trees makes.

Book Report: Banjo Camp! pitches scales, not tents-attachment0

Book Report: Banjo Camp! pitches scales, not tents

Author Zhenya Gene Senyak’s new book, Banjo Camp! is a book about banjo camps that is, in and of itself, a camp. There are scrapbook pictures, doodles, coffee stains and swatted mosquitoes. And just when you think the book has met its kitschy-informative saturation point, there’s a companion disc affixed to the back cover so budding banjo enthusiasts can pick along.