Bar Beat: Nova

Nova bartender Justin Crawford goes down the ranks of silver shakers like a field marshal, taking a moment to eyeball a cocktail ingredient before adding it to the mix. Cocktail culture, one drink at a time: A golden cucumber fizz, a mix of classic cocktail and current innovation, sits atop the bar at Nova, while […]

Bar Beat: Curras Dom

Tequila has, among the uninitiated, acquired a bit of a bad reputation. This is supposedly the stuff college students glug in their rotgut days or that’s simply shoved into legions of frozen margaritas on Cinco de Mayo. Unexpected delight: One of Curras Dom’s masterly concoctions, the surprisingly smooth and pleasing avocado margarita. Photo by Jonathan […]

Bar Beat: Decades

It’s a week night at Decades, and the husband-and-wife house band, Southern Silk, are proving as smooth as their name, announcing Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together” triumphantly as “our love song.” They hit all the notes just right—“Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad”—and rich electric-guitar riffs roll over the room. Photo […]