Cheers: Gov. Bev Perdue raises a glass with Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman (left) and his son, Brian, who’ll help manage the Mills River facility. photo by Max Cooper

The Beat: No place like home

The Asheville area’s natural beauty and friendly beer culture lured Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to Mills River, despite bigger economic-incentive packages dangled by other suitors, says company founder Ken Grossman. A celebratory mood reigned Jan. 26 as company executives, local business leaders and elected officials gathered near the 90-acre site on the French Broad River, […]

Avoiding the drunk tank: Beer City does right by its citizens, finally offering an affordable form of late-night transportation. Introducing the Bar Hopper. Photo via

Small Bites: Quick Bites

Three restaurants have closed over the past few weeks: The Northside Bar and Grill has closed. The restaurant’s Facebook page has this message: “Sorry Everyone! We could not come to an agreement on a new lease. Thanks for everyone's business and great times!” Northside has been open for more than two decades. In October, Jesse […]

Beer News: Dispatches from Gov. Perdue and Sierra Nevada press conference-attachment0

Beer News: Dispatches from Gov. Perdue and Sierra Nevada press conference

This post features dispatches via Twitter and other information unveiled at Gov. Bev Perdue’s economic development announcement in Mills River. After months of speculation, she joined representatives from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to announce the large craft brewery will build a new production facility in the area. Photo of Gov. Perdue (center) toasting with brewery founder Ken Grossman (left) and his son, Brian, who will move to the area to help manage the new facility. (Photo by Max Cooper)

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In bed with the Brewers’ Alliance

Pisgah’s here. Wedge is here — aloof rock stars of Asheville beer, confident and not entirely lacking in swagger. French Broad is the proletariat of the scene, big and gentle, unstylish, a touch shambling. Highland: the jetsetter, slick and self-assured. All is revelry, echolalic chatter drowning out the jazz trio.

You missed a spot

A recent article about places to have breakfast missed Café Ello on Haywood Street, across from the library [“Breakfast Off the Beaten Path,” Dec. 21 Xpress]. It is an excellent place for breakfast. Not only does it have excellent food (especially the egg dishes), it also serves lunch salads, soups and sandwiches. The café offers […]

National study finds economic incentives don’t create jobs

North Carolina and other states across the country are spending billions of dollars on economic incentives. But a new study released Dec. 14 by Good Jobs First finds that many tax credits, grants and subsidies require little job creation and lack wage and benefit standards. The study by the nonprofit research organization comes amid heated local debate over the effectiveness and fairness of such deals, with the Hendersonville County Board of Commissioners voting just a couple of days ago to approve a massive incentives package for a company rumored to be Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Beer Region, USA? Is Henderson County considerin­g incentives for Sierra Nevada?

The Henderson County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing tonight, Dec. 12, to consider granting economic development incentives for a company that wants to open a facility in the county. Will the move pave the way for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to build a massive new facility in the area? (For meeting updates, follow @JakeFrankel via the hashtag #avlbeer.)