Community conversati­ons: Asheville loses Beer City crown, but is the spirit still alive?

With Asheville garnering significantly less votes in the annual Beer City USA online poll than it did in 2012, does that mean our hearts are no longer in our pint glasses? Have we lost our Beer City spirit? Or with MLive reporting that Grand Rapids tourism marketers waged a highly organized campaign, maybe it’s more of a reflection on our commerce officials? Whatever the case, local residents shared their thoughts on a variety of online mediums this week, expressing everything from disappointment to good riddance.

No river people!

First it was the retirees, then Rolling Stone encouraged more freaks to come, then we voted ourselves Beer City USA. Asheville is always making it to some new list of best places for whatever it is people like to do. Now comes the vote (again, we get to do this to, uh, for ourselves) to […] poll: Asheville, NC continues its reign as top BeerCity USA 2010-attachment0

Examiner.c­om poll: Asheville, NC continues its reign as top BeerCity USA 2010

It’s official: “Asheville, North Carolina is BeerCity USA 2010.  While Portland, Oregon organized a healthy challenge against the western North Carolina city of Asheville, in the end the relentless craft beer enthusiasm for Asheville won out,” writes Charlie Papazian, who started the BeerCity USA poll last year and ran it again this year. His comments appeared this afternoon here.