Photo by Zen Sutherland

You love it

Welcome to the 34th annual Bele Chere. To some, the festival translates as “beautiful living”; to others it means “leave town.” If the first applies to you, please proceed. Lift your eyes for a moment and take in the hordes: of people, food, music, art and heat. Before you disappear into this confetti of entertainment, […]

Get thee to the A/C-attachment0

Get thee to the A/C

What should still be playing Now, the truth is that I have an almost perfect record of not attending Bele Chere. OK, so I got cajoled, bamboozled and frankly tricked into filling helium balloons at the Xpress booth one year, but I'd prefer not to think about that. So I find it fairly easy to […]

Tubing is a great escape. Photos by Jake Frankel

Head for the hills

The mountains and rivers surrounding Asheville offer ample opportunities to escape the sweltering crowds and chaos of Bele Chere. The Blue Ridge Parkway provides easy access to numerous hikes among lofty peaks. Only about a 25-minute drive north of Asheville on the scenic roadway, the Craggy Gardens area near milepost 364 is a convenient starting […]

Lucero plays the Biltmore Stage Friday from 8:30-10 p.m.

Grizzled old men

For most of its excellent and exuberant duration, Lucero’s 2009 album 1372 Overton Park occupies the all-out-party-and-subsequent-fallout cycle of the band’s previous efforts. Bolstered by horns for the first time in its career, the Memphis-based sextet barrels through barroom punk anthems about the women and wonders that slipped through their fingers as booze slipped through […]