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This weekend on a shoestring

The weather’s getting nippy, but it’s still a great time to get out and check out some events that won’t break the (piggy) bank. From winter gardening and holiday shopping to local authors and uplifting musical performances, this weekend’s got everything you need to lure you out of the house on the cheap. And as always, leave us a comment if you’ve got any more low-cost events you’d like to share.

Regarding the Dehlia Low CD “review”

Dehlia Low’s great music speaks for itself and doesn’t need my two cents [”Summer Playlist,” Aug. 10 Xpress]. After his perfunctory bone thrown acknowledging the quality of their newly released third full-length CD, Ravens & Crows, Joseph Chapman (“editorial intern”) wastes ink twisting in semantic contortions over a marketing phrase (bluegrass vs. Americana vs. pop […]