Medford trial begins

For 12 years, Bobby Medford served as Buncombe County’s sheriff. Last week, he entered Asheville’s federal courthouse on the other side—as a defendant in one of the biggest public-corruption cases in Western North Carolina history. Jury selection, opening statements mark first week Medford is on trial along with former reserve Capt. Guy Penland. The trial […]

Video poker operator: Bribes given to sheriffs-attachment0

Video poker operator: Bribes given to sheriffs

In the corruption trial of former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford, a salesman for a confessed illegal video-poker operator said that he repeatedly gave bribes — sometimes as much as $3,000 — to Medford, along with legal donations to the Clerk of Court and the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. The company also bribed the Haywood County Sheriff, he testified.

Clean clear through

When elected officials conduct their business in the sunshine of public scrutiny, their constituents can have full faith and trust that the decisions made are aboveboard, well-considered and in the best interest of the general public. At the local level, maximizing the public’s access to government empowers communities and builds leaders. Over the last couple […]

Theodossis cuts deal

Federal prosecutors are continuing their efforts to build a case against former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford. Hot Dog King owner Demetre Theodossis cut a deal on Jan. 30, agreeing to cooperate in exchange for avoiding additional charges. Theodossis has agreed to assist in the ongoing investigation of official corruption in connection with video-poker machines […]