PROUD MOMENT: Newly elected member of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Miranda DeBruhl is sworn in with her family present on Dec. 1. (Photo by Pat Barcas)

Buncombe commission­ers swear in DeBruhl and name Belcher vice chair

New and smiling faces populated the crowd at the Buncombe County Commissioners meeting on Dec. 1, as four winners of the Nov. 4 elections took their oaths of office and commissioners elected a new vice chair. Buncombe County Commissioners Ellen Frost, Miranda Debruhl, and Brownie Newman — and re-elected Sheriff Van Duncan —  stood with their families […]

Board of Commissioners Chairman David Gantt presents departing Commissioner David King with an award for his service on the board.

County approves economic incentives­, King bids farewell

Counting on a longterm return and benefit to the area, Buncombe County commissioners approved two economic incentive packages today, Nov. 18, in exchange for the creation of new jobs and millions of dollars of investment in the county economy. Commissioners unanimously approved a $9 million economic incentive for gear maker Linamar North Carolina Inc., to […]

Cesspool of stupid?

Asheville, we are used to doing great things, let's keep that up please. When my nephew visits I would like to take the bus on Saturday to the nature center — oh, we are going to cut both of those. OK, we'll just walk over to the Malvern Hills Park pool. Oh, cut too. Fine […]

Intoleranc­e is poor theology

Why is it that some religious folks are bent on inserting themselves (and their particular beliefs) into the business of government or civil matters, such as equality for all taxpaying citizens and, in this specific case, Buncombe County workers? [“What's Next, Polygamy Benefits?” March 27 Xpress.] While the county commissioners' vote approved benefits for both […]

Those good ol’ days

I would like to personally thank Mountain Xpress and Commissioner Mike Fryar for highlighting everything that is wrong with, and will spell the ultimate demise of the Republican Party [“Building Knowledge,” Feb. 27 Xpress]. Fryar makes the woefully ignorant statement: "In the Kentucky coal mining town where [I] attended elementary school, if a breeze blew […]

Misreprese­nted by Molton

A recent Mountain Xpress cartoon stated that I voted against protection of LGBT rights [Molton, Sept. 5]. On Aug. 7, I voted for an amendment to Buncombe County's personnel policy supporting the rights of LGBT employees. After the majority of the Board of Commissioners voted against this amendment, the unamended policy that passed required a […]

Gantt’s views on workplace equality were misconstru­ed

I read a puzzling comment from Tim Peck on the Aug. 21 online article, "Commissioners Approve Personnel Ordinance, Reject LGBT Protections (see the article and comment at I think it’s important that people understand Chairman David Gantt’s position at Tuesday’s Buncombe County Board of Commissioners meeting. My understanding is that the motion put before […]

Getting personnel: Commissioners Carol Peterson (right) and Holly Jones clashed over personnel issues; Peterson led a successful effort to delay any reductions to commissioner compensation. photo by Max Cooper

Holding steady

Buncombe County Board of Commissioners June 5, 2012 meeting Commissioner candidates slam budget Waste Pro gets 4 percent rate increase Although a public hearing on the budget was on the June 5 agenda, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners didn't wait for residents to weigh in before diving into some of its most rancorous issues. […]

An informed voter (thanks to Xpress)

Hats off to Mountain Xpress for the voter guide edition [“Election 2012: Pick Your Players,” May 2 Xpress]. The guide helped me to select candidates for county commissioner and county commission chair. I was unable to find good info on where each candidate stood on the issues from the online voter guide. I think the […]

A new hotel?

More commercial development is on the way for a spot in Oteen, thanks to a unanimous rezoning decision by the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners at its May 1 meeting. At the urging of property owner H.P. Patel, a vacant 1.78-acre parcel at 1501 Tunnel Road was rezoned from R–2 (Residential District) to CS (Commercial […]

Michelle Pace Wood, Democrat, candidate for District 3, Buncombe County Commissioners-attachment0

Michelle Pace Wood, Democrat, candidate for District 3, Buncombe County Commission­ers

Party Democrat Slogan Your Voice For Jobs Profession Small Business Owner Residence Candler Funding Report to be filed soon. Top donors are Ben Pace ($1,000) and Jamie Pace ($1,000). Endorsements None 1. Do you favor A) creating a regional water authority, B) giving the existing system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District or C) leaving it […]