Space Invaders: Asheville Green Drinks encounters non-native plant species

Who knew that a pastime as pedestrian as gardening could be downright dangerous? On Wednesday night, around 20 people took refuge from November’s bluster at the Green Sage Café to hear Bill Jones, president of Carolina Native Nursery, explain both the risks of importing non-native species plants and the benefits of proliferating indigenous plant-life. The […]

Forget Dora, local cucumbers are what’s cool: Students from Cullowhee Valley School created mini-gardens with cucumbers and crackers to learn about local food. Photo courtesy of ASAP.

ASAP shares Farm to School stories

There’s been a noticeable back-to-school buzz around area elementary schools recently. It’s not kids talking about a coveted new character lunchbox or even what neat things they did over the summer. Haven’t you heard? They’re talking about fresh local cucumbers and edible garden plots. Why cucumbers? September is cucumber month in Growing Minds’ Get Local […]