People and profits are in harmony

In today's headlines and protest signs we hear pleas to "put people ahead of profits." But are people and profits opposed to one another? In commercial transactions, two parties profit: the seller and the buyer. The buyer acquires a product and the seller gains financially. This peaceable, voluntary transaction of value for value to mutual […]

Occupy Wall Street protests are misguided

Capitalism is morally good. It also happens to work remarkably well, raising millions around the world out of poverty and providing the marketplace with a myriad of life-enhancing material goods. This social system of economic and political freedom is the only one that fully recognizes, respects and protects individual rights. It is a system that […]

New WNC magazine launches: “Capital at Play” will explore the spirit of enterprise

Capital at Play will examine the passionate faces of capitalism, and “profile those who take the risk, those who share that risk, and those who support them, inspiring others to do likewise, while giving back economically and socially to the communities that support us,” according to the magazine’s mission statement.