BIG DECISIONS: Asheville voters will weigh in on three separate bond measures: $32 million for transportation projects, including road repaving, sidewalks, bus shelters, traffic-calming measures and greenways; $25 million for affordable housing, including $15 million to repurpose city-owned land for affordable housing and $10 million for the city’s affordable housing trust fund; and $17 million for parks and recreation projects. Graphic assembled by Scott Southwick

Asheville leaders and organizati­ons weigh in on bond choice

City-sponsored early polling indicated that a solid majority of Asheville voters say they will vote for the proposed $74 million city bond referendum on this year’s general election ballots, and far more local groups and organizations have lined up to support the bond than to criticize it. As with any issue, however, opinion is mixed.

HIGH PROFILE: Tina Madison White speaking in Washington. Photo courtesy of Tina Madison White.

Asheville LGBTQ community to celebrate progress, call for change at Blue Ridge Pride Festival on Oct. 1

Author, transgender activist and newcomer to Asheville Tina Madison White reflects on the state of the Pride movement in 2016. White is the director of operations for Blue Ridge Pride Center, which will host its eighth annual Pride Festival Saturday, Oct. 1 in Pack Square Park in Asheville.

Now I understand

Now I understand why Carl Mumpower (in his Aug. 17 Asheville Citizen-Times piece), North Carolina Rep. Larry Pitman, Missouri Rep. Todd Aiken, vice presidential candidate and Wisconsin Sen. Paul Ryan and their fellow male counterparts have such cavalier disdain for Planned Parenthood and their efforts to promote women's health and reproductive rights. If they are […]

A tip for the topless

A note to the women who expressed their outrage at breast-exposure inequality at the Pack Square topless event: I appreciate that you felt you were asserting your right as women to bare your chests in a demonstration for equal nipple opportunity, but this comes across as exhibitionism rather than protest. While it may fire up […]

Mumpower confuses liberalism with socialism

Carl Mumpower's lament about our City Council ["Raise a Glass of Kool-Aid for Our Current City Council," Jan. 4 Xpress] is surely misplaced. To say, as he does, that they are all liberal is a compliment, not any sort of criticism. That's because the several definitions of the word “liberal” include favoring political reform, advocating […]

Raise a glass of Kool-Aid for our current City Council

Congratulations are due to Asheville’s liberal socialist progressives for their success in eliminating all meaningful diversity of thought from our City Council. Comfort is certainly preferable to the distress of exposure to multiple angles of view. Simplicity and a gentle buzz are assured by our city’s commitment to seven flavors of the same Kool-Aid. Though […]

A council of Mumpowers

I was thrilled to read that Carl Mumpower intends to endorse a liberal slate of candidates in the 2012 state and federal elections [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’” Oct. 12 Xpress]. Of course he's right. There are far too few liberals in almost every area of elected representation throughout the U.S., […]

Does democracy upset Carl Mumpower?

Carl Mumpower seems to be upset that democracy in action in Asheville has resulted in a progressive/liberal majority on City Council [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’”  Oct. 12 Xpress]. In his letter, he says, "time will find Asheville losing its luster under the watch of a panel of progressive eyes constricted […]

Mountain “X” should change its name to Mountain “L”

If history teaches us anything, it’s that homogenous groups inevitably self-destruct. That reality applies to the success of Asheville’s liberal majority in championing a conforming City Council — a triumph likely to be repeated in the upcoming election. So much for a feigned interest in diversity. Power has always been the left’s more authentic mission. […]

Complaint about GoTopless rally justifies GoTopless rally

I read with interest Carl Mumpower's complaints about the Aug. 21 GoTopless rally in the Aug. 23 Asheville Citizen-Times. I believe his concerns are important. Mumpower states correctly that the Citizen-Times' website self-censored its material and one "U-Tube" [sic] video claimed it was not appropriate for minors. But finding examples one likes doesn't prove one […]

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers-attachment0

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers

It was a bad week for the Buncombe County Republican Party. The party and its chairman, Chad Nesbitt, were harshly criticized for a 9/11 fundraiser and an associated video; the Board of Elections found their highly publicized complaints over an early voting site to be based on faulty information; and Asheville City Councilman Bill Russell left the party, citing its “antics that demonize people” and “political games.”

Rappelling 9/11 fundraiser creates fallout for GOP

Nesbitt on the Rappelling Tower at the Bee Tree Fire Dept.
Last weekend, the Buncombe County GOP threw a fundraiser on 9/11 at the Bee Tree Fire Station in Swannanoa. The event featured participants rappelling down a 90-foot tower, with donors asked to contribute $100 per rappel. In its wake, the event and an associated video used to promote it have set off a storm of criticism. This post includes a brief video interview with BCGOP chair Chad Nesbitt at the event as he was about to rappel.