From the vaults: a 2007 look at Yelton, Asheville’s local far-right-attachment0

From the vaults: a 2007 look at Yelton, Asheville’­s local far-right

With Don Yelton’s controversial remarks on the Daily Show making national news, here’s some context about local right-wing activism. In 2007, Xpress profiled the Carolina Stompers, a local hardline conservative activist group including Yelton and then-future Buncombe GOP Chair Chad Nesbitt, known for flamboyant tactics and its promises to “stomp” liberalism.

Occupy Asheville faces Bullies

On Saturday morning, Oct. 22, Chad Nesbitt and a friend drove an extra-large street-sweeper style truck in circles around the Occupy Asheville campsite while blowing what amounted to an air or boat horn. He did this as a form of protest, but in truth it was a form of harassment. He did this to veterans, […]

Chad Nesbitt: Paul Van Heden “took over my identity on a Twitter account”

Former Buncombe County Republican chair Chad Nesbitt says his attorneys may soon contact Paul Van Heden; Nesbitt claims the Asheville resident ran a Twitter account, @chadnesbitt, that resulted in the U.S. Secret Service investigating possible threats against Pres. Bill Clinton last year.

(On the left is the real Chad Nesbitt. On the right is an image from the fake @chadnesbitt’s Twitter account.)

Buncombe GOP chairman Chad Nesbitt questioned by Secret Service over satirical Twitter account

Will the real Chad Nesbitt please stand up? Buncombe County GOP chairman Chad Nesbitt was reportedly interviewed by the U.S. Secret Service last night ahead of today’s Oct. 21 visit by President Bill Clinton. According to a press release sent out by the local party, the interview was prompted by concerns over statements made via a satirical Twitter handle that bears his name. On the left, is the real Chad Nesbitt. On the right, is an image from the fake Chad Nesbitt’s Twitter account.

Local cancer charity declines money from GOP fundraiser

Hunt the Cure, a local cancer charity that was associated with a recent controversial fundraiser held by the local GOP — which, as it turns out, raised a total of $310 — has declined any donations from the event. John Boggs, the group’s founder, cites a rash of bad publicity and harassing phone calls from Democrats and “people posing as journalists” for the decision.

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers-attachment0

The Beat news roundup: Grand Old Party poopers

It was a bad week for the Buncombe County Republican Party. The party and its chairman, Chad Nesbitt, were harshly criticized for a 9/11 fundraiser and an associated video; the Board of Elections found their highly publicized complaints over an early voting site to be based on faulty information; and Asheville City Councilman Bill Russell left the party, citing its “antics that demonize people” and “political games.”

Board of Elections: GOP concerns over legality of early voting site were baseless ***UPDATED­***

No action was taken at a Thursday evening, Sept. 16, emergency meeting of the Buncombe County Board of Elections after it clarified that the door of Rep. Heath Shuler’s congressional office was 25 feet away from the door of a planned early-voting location at 199 College St. in downtown Asheville. The board called the meeting in response to complaints by the Buncombe County GOP that the proximity of the two offices could possibly violate state law that requires a buffer zone between voting sites and election-related activity.