COMING SOON: Chef Patrick O'Cain hopes to open his new Asian restaurant, Gàn Shān Station by the end of December. Photo by Tim Robison

Co-executive chef named for Gàn Shān Station

Patrick O’Cain has chosen a kitchen co-conspirator for Gàn Shān Station, his new venture on Charlotte Street. On Tuesday, O’Cain, owner of the soon-to-open Asian-themed restaurant, announced that Charleston, S.C., chef Chris Hathcock will join him in the role of co-executive chef at the eatery, which is slated to open later this year in the old gas station at […]

When views collide: On June 26, Council passed a study to gather more information about what improvements (if any) should be made in the Charlotte Street corridor. Photos by Max Cooper

Moving pictures

June 26 meeting Ingles sign variance voted down Tobacco sponsorships banned from future festivals Staff studies aren't usually particularly controversial. But a proposed traffic-engineering study for the Charlotte Street corridor got some pushback at the Asheville City Council’s June 26 meeting. Some area residents said the $50,000 study is an unnecessary expense — and the […]

No decisions yet on Charlotte Street corridor improvements, city staff say-attachment0

No decisions yet on Charlotte Street corridor improvemen­ts, city staff say

The Jewish Community Center gymnasium was full tonight, Feb. 6, with residents and Asheville City staff and City Council members. The topic: Transportation issues — particularly bicycling infrastructure — for a half-mile stretch of Charlotte Street. Several residents dispatched live updates via Twitter from the meeting.
(photo by Asheville City Council member Gordon Smith)

The trial is an error

In a recent meeting with city staff, I was disappointed to learn that, ignoring their own studies, they are seriously considering converting Charlotte Street to three lanes on a trial basis. After my disappointment I was then shocked to learn how little thought had been put into a trial of this nature. Some of the […]

Dinner memories

Welcome to the Asheville of the early ‘80s—a period when restaurant development would play an important role in bolstering the emergence of downtown as a recreational and entertainment destination. Two key events in 1979 undoubtedly fueled the incipient stirrings of social activity in downtown Asheville: the launch of the Bele Chere festival, now a downtown […]