Gotta agree with Moffitt

Tim Moffitt is proposing to have the state impose district elections on our City Council [“Democracy by Decree,” July 17 Xpress]. He reasons that elected officials tend to favor whatever system put them in power, and it is hard to argue with his argument on that point. He says, “It falls on the state to […]

District elections: Beyond the rhetoric-attachment0

District elections: Beyond the rhetoric

The recent disclosure that state Rep. Tim Moffitt had drafted a bill to change Asheville City Council contests from an at-large system to predominantly district elections has triggered heated debate among both elected officials and the general public. Although Moffitt hasn’t yet filed the bill, which mirrors the state-mandated 2011 switch for the Buncombe County commissioners, he could follow through at any time, and the potential impacts are substantial. In the following articles, Xpress takes a closer look at what such a move might mean for this city — and for this year’s scheduled elections.