Sustainable for whom?

“Sustainability” has cropped up frequently in city policy statements in recent years, often accompanied by pleas for denser, more affordable housing to promote a style of living that proponents maintain is more energy-efficient and compatible with mass transit. But Montford resident Bernard Carman says he’s not impressed. He's owned a historic home on Cumberland Avenue, […]

Coal slurry for a Tennessee Christmas-attachment0

Coal slurry for a Tennessee Christmas

At 1 a.m. on Dec. 22, some 500 million gallons of coal sludge flooded 15 homes in a 400-acre area west of Knoxville. Unleashed by a break in a waste-pond retaining wall at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston coal-fired plant, the wave of mud and coal ash knocked at least one home off its foundation and was as deep as 6 feet as it rushed downstream.

The Dirt: Salad days

Driving south of Providence, R.I., on Route 4 about 20 years ago, I used to see an old house that had a large cold frame installed on its south side, facing the highway. After about three winters of seeing it in use, I finally decided I just had to check it out. So I asked […]

Looking down that lonesome road

I feel sad about the dialogue that isn’t happening concerning choices that have lasting, detrimental effects on our children and the planet. Sad that environmentalists are seen as a threat. Sad that the environmental community remains stuck in its own groups and doesn’t pool resources, efforts, hearts and hands to create the future we want […]

Fail-safe? A short history of the CTS contamination

CTS of Asheville shut down more than two decades ago, but for some former employees and neighbors of the electroplating facility, the memories haven’t faded. Under the surface: The shell of the former CTS of Asheville plant on Mills Gap Road, which is considered a hazardous-waste site due to trichloroethylene concentrations in ground water. contemporary […]