PRESERVING THE HARVEST: A simple mixture of fresh vegetables, salt and time can yield delicious fermented results.

Cultural revolution­: The revival of fermented food traditions

The kitchen of Janelle Lucido-Conate’s West Asheville home is literally bubbling with life. Its shelves and countertops, decorated with a large and motley assortment of jars and crocks, reflect Lucido-Conate’s passion for cultured foods. Each vessel is packed with a different vegetable, dairy or sourdough ferment, and all are fizzing away contentedly as beneficial microbes […]

TRADITIONAL FOODWAYS: Self-described "fermentation revivalist" Sandor Katz will present workshops on the ancient art of making cultured foods Saturday-Sunday, April 12-13 at the Mother Earth News Fair.

Revival eating: An interview with fermentati­on guru Sandor Ellix Katz

Many of the area’s fermentation pioneers were no doubt inspired or influenced by the work of author and do-it-yourself-food activist Sandor Ellix Katz. His books — which include The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements, Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation — have helped spark the modern fermentation revival.