Bent Creek Experiment­al Forest burn set for Thursday, Aug. 11

The Forest Service says it will conduct a prescribed burn it’s been planning at Bent Creek Thursday, Aug. 11. The targeted area includes forest stands near the Lake Powhatan Recreation Area, adjacent to Forest Service roads 479 and 664. The burn will take place if weather and other environmental conditions continue to favor it, according to an agency checklist; the desired conditions are in the local weather forecast for Thursday.
Photo by Jonathan Welch

Aerial photograph­ers will map every foot of North Carolina this winter

The project, which will produce photo-maps of unmatched detail, is part of the state’s 911 emergency-readiness program. “You will be able to make out individual branches on the trees,” said N.C. forester Andrew D. Bailey. In addition to helping emergency response, the imagery will also be used by other state and local agencies, including conservation agencies such as the state Forest Service and local parks and recreation offices.