City investigation mostly clears Asheville police chief, promises changes-attachment0

City investigation mostly clears Asheville police chief, promises changes

At a special meeting today, Asheville City Council announced that an internal investigation had found no evidence that Asheville Police Department Chief William Anderson engaged in a coverup surrounding a March car crash involving his son, as alleged by an APD lieutenant. However, the inquiry also found that when Anderson ordered the officer to meet with him, he acted inappropriately. Council members promised improvements to the general management of the department.

Asheville City Council “may take action” on personnel matter after special Thursday meeting

Asheville City Council will hold a special closed session 9 a.m. Thursday about an undisclosed personnel matter, likely allegations about Asheville Police Department Chief William Anderson. The announcement of the meeting notes that Council may take action under a state law allowing it to announce “disciplinary action, reinstatement, transfer, or termination of a city employee and the reasons for that personnel action.”

‘A pyramid instead of a rake’: City reorganizes senior staff, creates new department

Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson has undertaken a major staff reorganization: Three senior staff members will oversee “functional groupings” that put multiple, related departments under one umbrella, and a new “general services” department will oversee building and vehicle maintenance. Jackson claims the changes will make for better coordination and efficiency,

Contract: City due a copy of APD evidence room audit

According to the contract for the audit of missing guns, drugs, and money from the Asheville Police Department’s evidence room, the city of Asheville should have received a copy when the audit was completed in January. The city still hasn’t received a copy, and District Attorney Ron Moore has refused to respond to open records requests for the public release of the $175,000 audit. City manager Gary Jackson says he’s satisfied with Moore’s handling of the case, and is not pressing for the release of the audit.

District Attorney Ron Moore keeping evidence room audit results under wraps

The audit of the Asheville Police Department evidence room was completed Jan. 9, but don’t expect the details to go public soon. While Buncombe County District Attorney Ron Moore has told some media that the audit showed that around 200 drug parcels might be missing, the Buncombe County District Attorney’s keeping the results secret, even from city government.

Emails shine light on city’s reaction to Occupy Asheville-attachment0

Emails shine light on city’s reaction to Occupy Asheville

Xpress has obtained 270 emails from city of Asheville staff concerning Occupy Asheville. The emails reveal law enforcement considering their approach to (and surveillance of) the protests as well as city staff and Occupy representatives debating freedom of assembly, among other things. These emails are available to the public in a searchable database.
photo by Bill Rhodes