“Wellness Review” not worth its salt

Wade Inganamort’s reference to the Organic.com story "Lower Salt Intake May Cause (Not Prevent) Heart Disease" leaves me wondering what can possibly be next [“Wellness Roundup,” June 15 Xpress]. Maybe "a recent study has shown that oatmeal may be a silent killer?” Inganamort surely needs some backup to support his blockbuster claim. — Ralph Dimenna […]

YWCA calls for help funding Diabetes Wellness program

Walt Roberson is, as he puts it, “an ol’ drill sergeant” and a Vietnam vet who spent more than 30 years working his beat as an Asheville police officer. He’s used to being tough, and at more than 6 feet tall, he’s probably never been a small man. But now 60, the retired city resident says he came close to “doing something stupid” after he left the force: He gained weight till he was pushing 400 pounds, had knee surgery, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and got so depressed that suicide wasn’t much too close in his mind.

WNC Wellness review-attachment0

WNC Wellness review

A family wellness festival at the YMCA; UNC Board of Governors approves plan to build a pharmacy school in Asheville; H1N1 isn’t gone yet; Buncombe is conducting its own census, a health census; and more, in this week’s round-up of local health and wellness news.

WNC Wellness review

In this week’s WNC health-related news: a Girl Scout cookie recall, some Cititzen-Times health kudos, Buncombe County Health Department changes to its services, grants applications and nicotine patches are available, there’s help for over-workers — and more in this week’s WNC wellness review!