Economic developmen­t: Putting the pieces together

Ever wondered who’s in charge of economic development in Asheville and Buncombe County? It’s a good question, but the answer is not so simple. In fact, there are literally dozens of players—some big, some small—that help shape the area’s economy. They include governmental agencies such as the city’s Office of Economic Development, quasi-governmental agencies such […]

Two days outside the box: thinking sustainabl­y

It was an upside-down conference, where some 150 participants shook their ideas out onto the carpeted floor of the Asheville Civic Center Banquet Hall, then scooped them up in circles and reshaped them into projects to channel storm-water here, grow urban gardens there, and reduce energy demands everywhere. Photo By Jonathan Welch The occasion was […]

About that climate change business …

While environmentalists’ discussions tend revolve around how to avert catastrophic climate change, the business world is slowly starting hatch plans for adapting to the looming repercussions of an altered climate. Wired earth: On a tour of the National Climatic Data Center, staffer Carmella Watkins introduces “the magic planet,” an educational tool that creates a visual […]