Down and out in aisle one

Last year, we Ashevilleans saw the corporate takeover of our beloved Greenlife. While some seem to not mind the change, many of us disliked the lowered quality and diminished local options and ran away to Earth Fare. Well, now we are facing an even worse corporate takeover of Earth Fare. Talk about dark, deep holes! […]

The plan: Design for the new Ingles supercenter on Smoky Park Highway, showing traffic features modified to meet city rules, and the gas station, the lighting of which remained a source of contention.

Lit up

Asheville City Council March 22, 2011 meeting Trash pickup may be retooled Living wage approved for city contracts To some observers, it may have seemed as though Asheville City Council members and Ingles Markets were playing a game of development chicken, reaching the cliff’s edge during Council’s March 22 meeting. In February, Council members balked […]

How much does a job cost?

According to Jake Frankel's article, It's the Economy, Stupid [Dec. 15, 2010 Xpress), the Buncombe County Commissioners approved a "$99.74 million federal stimulus loan to Ingles Markets Inc." The loan is to help Ingles [expand]  their facility in Black Mountain. The "completed projects would create at least 190 new full-time jobs, plus an unspecified number […]

The Ingles loan doesn’t add up

Math — arithmetic we called it back then — always made my head hurt, so I try to stay away from the stuff. But my eighth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Sears, always told us, “If you can’t figure something out, round off the numbers.” And that’s what I did when I read about how [Buncombe County […]