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Five questions with Lucrezio

Acoustic duo Lucrezio is the project of wife-and-husband musicians Jennifer Lucrezio and Jordan Bumgarner. The two met with Jennifer decided to turn her solo piano-pop act into a full band and began auditioning players. Turned out, they connected not only musically but romantically, and the rest of that story can be found in their albums, videos and live show. Catch the latter at Altamont Brewing on Thursday, Jan. 30. 8 p.m., free show.

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Five (or more) Questions with Free Radio

Local hip-hop band Free Radio, fronted by Austin Haynes and Johnny Reynolds, will play the exclusive Pre-Jam (kicking off the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam) this Thursday. In advance of the show, Austin talks to Xpress about Free Radio’s new as-yet-to-be-named backing band, what it means to represent Asheville at the Christmas Jam, and why sharing a stage with his uncle is such a big deal. Photo by Nick King.

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“There’s no shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time”

Richmond, Va.‘s Carbon Leaf returns to Asheville to play Shamboozle Fest. The Celtic festival, held at Highland Brewery and curated by Calif.-based band Gaelic Storm, takes place on Saturday, Sept. 21. But, as Carbon Leaf front man Barry Privett explains, tin whistles and Irish influences are only part of his band’s sound. They’ll release a distinctly Americana/folk album on Oct. 1.

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Five Questions with Chris Simmons

***UPDATE: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED*** The Alabama-based guitarist is a former member of Leon Russell’s band and a tour de force as a solo act. He’ll play Emerald Lounge on Saturday, April 13. (The Chuck Beattie Band and Big Gene & Danny Lee’s Loud Pack also perform.) In advance of that show, Simmons talks about putting down roots, surprise musical faves (Foo Fighters and Bee Gees!) and how to beat the pre-show jitters. Photo courtesy of the musician.