Unemployme­nt in WNC: Share the pain

In recent history, employers have used layoffs to cut expenses during economic downtimes. This creates a drastic hardship on the employees who lose their jobs. A better approach is to cut the workweek and spread the pain across all employees. A four-day workweek for everyone is better than laying off the newest employees. — Paul […]

Asheville, you’ve changed!

On a recent visit to Asheville, I was surprised at the changes that have taken place in the “Paris of the South" in the year since I moved away. After living here for four years, I came to the conclusion that there was very little about the overall structure [of] Asheville that is sustainable; I […]

Buchi story more vendetta than journalism

I was rather surprised by your recent article "Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. This "reporter" is a joke and has written a completely biased, libelous and one-sided smear piece to further [his] friend’s obvious vendetta. The Mountain Xpress should be ashamed of publishing such tabloid yellow journalism. I have it on good authority (my […]

Local capitalism is still capitalism

Over the course of the 100 bloody years that it took the U.S. labor movement to win the eight-hour workday, labor militants struck, rioted and were executed for what was then seen as an overly radical demand that would destabilize industry and ruin the economy. Capitalism has undergone massive restructuring on a global scale, including […]

The Biz

Creative Careers Talk At Unca Thursday, Feb. 5: You can create it, but can you sell it? UNCA’s Career Center is offering a chance to talk creative careers with experienced hands who do just that on Thursday, Feb. 5, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Mountain Suites at the university’s Highsmith University Union. The […]