Franzi Charen encourages  folks to "Go Local" in front of Anthropologie. Photo by Able Allen

Charen appointed to Downtown Commission

City Council appointed Franzi Charen to the Downtown Commission and Barry Bialik and Laura Collins to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee at its Jan. 26 meeting. Council also passed a “Ban the Box” measure, meaning that applicants for most city positions will no longer be required to answer questions about past criminal convictions on their initial job applications.

Bus riders push agenda for ‘transportation with representation’ at rally, meeting-attachment0

Bus riders push agenda for ‘transport­ation with representa­tion’ at rally, meeting

A group, People’s Voice for Transportation Equality, presented an agenda for an overhaul of the Asheville Transit System to make it more responsive to its ridership at a rally this afternoon. The group is calling for late-night and Sunday service, more representation in the decision-making process and more accountability, among other changes. Photo by Michael Carlebach

Group to rally for ‘transport­ation with representa­tion,’ unveil plan on Jan. 14

This coming Tuesday, Jan. 14, a group of transit riders and citizens will assemble in Pack Square to call for an overhaul of the city’s system that “prioritizes the needs of the people who use public transit out of necessity.” The group has a 19-point plan to improve transit services and make the management of the system more representative of its ridership.

Living-wage “offsets” are questionab­le

I was deeply disappointed to read Jake Frankel's Aug. 24 Xpress article “Working It: Living Wages are Good for Business” which states “living wage — currently $11.35 per hour without health insurance or $9.85 per hour with it.” This statement ignores the fine print in Just Economics' Living Wage Certification Program, which can be found […]

Just Economics responds

Just Economics is proud to inform your reader that we closely reviewed the criteria with which we certify a business at great length, with a special focus on “offsets” earlier this year. We eliminated any offsets not related to the basic needs of a single individual. We do, however, recognize that if an employer offers […]

Asheville Just Economics is just not economical

Just Economics has been campaigning for an increase in minimum wage. Just Ecomics calls this increase a living wage. They have successfully pushed their policy into local law. Now contractors for our city must also pay their employees a living wage of $11.35 an hour (without benefits). The policy advocacy on their website states, “It […]

V for Values, not Vendetta

I offer this in response to Josh Yazell's Jan. 5 letter, “Buchi Story More Vendetta than Journalism,” a response to David Forbes' article “Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. As Forbes responded to Yazell, claims presented to them by me were investigated and documented. In interviews with Xpress, the Asheville Citizen-Times and [the radio program] […]