After the Last LAAFF: New festival seeks community input, starting with a name

Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Fest, Asheville’s hyper-local street festival, returns for one final installment on Sunday, Aug. 31. And while that one-day celebration marks a farewell for the grassroots event that launched in 2002, it’s also the start of a new locally focused fest that will roll out in 2015. “The point is to celebrate […]


“LAAFF just comes together. It’s basically anyone who shows up,” explains Erin Scholze, Arts2People’s vice president. That freeform approach might sound unhinged when it comes to planning a festival, but for Asheville’s strictly local Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, less (structure, that is) is more. LAAFF wants you: Come learn to juggle, make a […]