“What appears to be happening is that we're being told to settle the water lawsuit or else.” — Vice Mayor Esther Manheimer photos by Max Cooper

Carrot and stick: In emails, legislators and Council wrangle over water lawsuit, district city elect

Behind-the-scenes negotiations over a lawsuit, a push from Raleigh to force district-based elections for Asheville, and the fate of a parks-and-recreation bill that could save city government millions — all this and more are revealed in emails between Council members, city staff and North Carolina legislators. Recently obtained by Xpress, the documents show a candid […]

Old disputes at heart of bill that transfers water system to MSD

About seven years ago, the Regional Water Authority of Asheville, Buncombe and Henderson County fell apart. The creation of what had been an historic agreement involving the three governments, ongoing disputes and frustrations led Asheville officials to end the partnership in 2005. Fast-forward to the March 28 filing of House Bill 488, which transfers the Asheville water system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District.

Mind the crack!

Now that a crack has been discovered in the dome of St. Lawrence Basilica, we know that heavy construction in the area is likely to bring down the wonderful Guastavino tiles, and perhaps the dome with it. We don't need another hotel near one of Asheville's most famous attractions. City Council member Cecil Bothwell is […]

Election night comes to blows *updated*

Council member Gordon Smith was hit in the head by Lael Gray’s campaign manager, David Roat, at an election-night party, according to reports. Here, Smith describes the fracas. “I went to Lael’s party, I was giving her a hug and I got hit in the back of the head,” Smith says. “I went into a crouch, there were a few more blows, he was pulled off of me, and it was over.” (Photo by Bill Rhodes.)

Vote for Marc Hunt — I already did

I am pleased to have voted early in the primaries for Marc Hunt as my choice for City Council. I have had the chance to meet with Marc this summer and I was impressed with his vision and experience as a community leader in public and nonprofit service. Marc’s commitment to improving the health of […]

Marc Hunt has a vision for Asheville

I am writing to endorse Marc Hunt in his bid for Asheville City Council. Marc’s many years of business, nonprofit management and community-service experience will bring much practical value to Council. His deep commitment to his community will bring value to the whole city. Marc has a long and successful record of business and organizational […]

Public service calls … Marc Hunt answers

Every once in a while public service calls to someone who brings the right mix of experience, values, productivity, perspective, integrity and likeability and that person answers. The citizens of Asheville are fortunate to have just such a person running for City Council: Marc Hunt. I have known Marc since 1977, when he started the […]

Marc Hunt is a practical visionary

Marc Hunt is a community visionary with practical business and financial skills that are needed on our City Council. He has a deep love for our Asheville community and its natural resources. As chair of the Asheville Greenway Commission, Marc championed the acquisition of the Waller Tract along Hominy Creek. This new park land adds […]