Sage advice

I am disappointed and a bit puzzled about your recent format/font change for Mountain Xpress. Articles and regular features that used to be typeset in a variety of interesting fonts now have a plain, vanilla uniformity. It’s very homogenized and not very interesting. Your publication that used to be visually engaging is now pretty lifeless. […]

Xpress contributing editor Nelda Holder arrested after participating in Raleigh protest-attachment0

Xpress contributi­ng editor Nelda Holder arrested after participat­ing in Raleigh protest

After protesting the policies of North Carolina’s Republican legislators, freelance state government reporter and contributing editor for Xpress Nelda Holder was charged with second-degree trespassing. Consequently,  she says she acknowledges the larger implications the arrest has for her as a journalist and her work for the Asheville-based publication.

Lord save us from crypto-fascist liberals

Over the past decade I've seen so many stupid, silly, off-the-wall letters published in Mountain Xpress that I've come to think of Letters as a slight variation of the “News of the Weird” section. But nothing — nothing — has ever come close to the lead-off Oct. 3 letter, “Et Tu, Xpress?” The writer, objecting […]

Et tu, Xpress?

I have been an ardent admirer of the Mountain Xpress since I moved to Asheville in 1993. I've submitted letters and opinion pieces, which you've graciously published. I read it religiously, as I know many folks do, from end to end: First the letters (OK, I might glance down to check out who the author […]

News of the bummed out

It continues to bum me out that “News of the Weird” no longer makes your paper. It has always been the first thing I read each week in it. I always felt you could charge a premium for ads on that page because every reader goes to it first. — Chris Manderson Asheville Editor’s Note: […]

Where’s my dessert , Xpress?

What the hell are you doing? I have been a loyal follower of your print paper for about a year and a half. I read it throughout the week during down times, such as dining out. I start with the letters section, slowly pick my way through the articles, all of which I consider the […]

Where’s the Weird?

I don't like what you've been doing with “News of the Weird.” Sometimes you don't run it at all. Other times, you cut it down in size. I notice you don't mess with the sensationally superstitious astrology column or “Asheville Disclaimer” which, at its absolute best, barely rises to the level of faintly amusing. It […]

Boycott Gannett!

I like to be informed about my community, so I have appreciated being able to hop online at any time to check out, and the Asheville FM News Hour and Little Shop of Attitude show [“To Air is Human,” April 4 Xpress]. Having said that, now I think its finally time to boycott […]

Boxed out: Buncombe County allows some newspaper bins, bans others

Buncombe County approved the temporary return of three newspaper boxes to their former home outside the courthouse but is continuing to ban the others removed late last month. The move comes after Mountain Xpress and the Asheville Citizen-Times jointly retained attorney Amanda Martin to write a letter challenging the county’s decision.

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