Sage advice

I am disappointed and a bit puzzled about your recent format/font change for Mountain Xpress. Articles and regular features that used to be typeset in a variety of interesting fonts now have a plain, vanilla uniformity. It’s very homogenized and not very interesting. Your publication that used to be visually engaging is now pretty lifeless. […]

Xpress contributing editor Nelda Holder arrested after participating in Raleigh protest-attachment0

Xpress contributi­ng editor Nelda Holder arrested after participat­ing in Raleigh protest

After protesting the policies of North Carolina’s Republican legislators, freelance state government reporter and contributing editor for Xpress Nelda Holder was charged with second-degree trespassing. Consequently,  she says she acknowledges the larger implications the arrest has for her as a journalist and her work for the Asheville-based publication.

Lord save us from crypto-fascist liberals

Over the past decade I've seen so many stupid, silly, off-the-wall letters published in Mountain Xpress that I've come to think of Letters as a slight variation of the “News of the Weird” section. But nothing — nothing — has ever come close to the lead-off Oct. 3 letter, “Et Tu, Xpress?” The writer, objecting […]

Et tu, Xpress?

I have been an ardent admirer of the Mountain Xpress since I moved to Asheville in 1993. I've submitted letters and opinion pieces, which you've graciously published. I read it religiously, as I know many folks do, from end to end: First the letters (OK, I might glance down to check out who the author […]

News of the bummed out

It continues to bum me out that “News of the Weird” no longer makes your paper. It has always been the first thing I read each week in it. I always felt you could charge a premium for ads on that page because every reader goes to it first. — Chris Manderson Asheville Editor’s Note: […]

Where’s my dessert , Xpress?

What the hell are you doing? I have been a loyal follower of your print paper for about a year and a half. I read it throughout the week during down times, such as dining out. I start with the letters section, slowly pick my way through the articles, all of which I consider the […]