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My Side of the Mountain: Tristen

I met Tristen at The Grey Eagle on a Wednesday afternoon. As Justin Townes Earl and his band soundchecked in the next room, we chatted about common friends in Nashville, the pitfalls of long tours (Tristen has been on and off the road for almost two years) and the increasingly unpredictable weather. After nearly an hour of waiting, we capitalized on a short window of quiet and set up in the foyer.

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My Side of the Mountain, Vol. XI: Brian McGee

It’s time to say goodbye to Brian McGee. After 11 years, the singer is parting with his adopted home to pursue other avenues, but not before he plays one last show. We caught up with McGee at his house, piled high with moving boxes, for an acoustic rendition of Plow United’s “The World According to Me” in advance of his performance Saturday at The Grey Eagle.