Stop it, Moffitt

North Carolina Rep. Tim Moffitt and his study committee recommended to the General Assembly that Asheville city water be taken over by the state; this bill is expected to be voted on soon. See for updates. Jane Whilden is running against Moffitt for the N.C. House of Representatives, District 116. Please spread the word […]

NCmatters: Drawing lessons

Whatever the outcome of the N.C. General Assembly’s 2011 redistricting, the process has already attracted both national and state-level scrutiny. An across-the-aisle coalition has formed North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform, a nonprofit that aims to take redistricting away from state legislators in favor of an independent body to ensure an open, public-driven process. As Executive […]

Healthcare reform needs your voice

Although "healthcare reform" was passed, the state is now making decisions about how North Carolina will respond to the new federal rules. The N.C. General Assembly is considering legislation that would put Blue Cross Blue Shield permanently on a board whose purpose it is to help small businesses and those who cannot afford health insurance. […]

Multiple choice

The Joint Committee on Regulatory Reform, established by North Carolina legislators this year, is on the road. Its mission: Scrutinize “burdensome state rules and regulations on behalf of the private sector.” The 18-member team wants to hear from business and farm owners around the state concerning “outdated rules and regulations that should be eliminated.” The […]

Will the real budget deficit please stand still?

In a bit of a shell game, legislators continued to formulate their approach to the state’s budget deficit even as the governor announced that new projections had erased $1 billion of the originally predicted $3.7 billion shortfall for the next fiscal year. (The projected deficit was subsequently scaled down to $2.4 billion.) Meanwhile, the Legislature […]

NC Matters

Entering her fourth term in the N.C. General Assembly, Rep. Susan Fisher of the 114th District is the senior representative from Buncombe County. As a Democrat, however, she lost the leadership positions she held last year as Republicans took control of both houses of the Legislature in January. "None of the Democrats are seeing office-holding […]

State legislative roundup: Total bills filed down by 12 percent so far this session-attachment0

State legislativ­e roundup: Total bills filed down by 12 percent so far this session

Windfall: The past week in the state legislature saw another host of new bills moved for such purposes as aiding public libraries and small businesses, and establishing wind-energy permitting procedures. Overall bill numbers this year are down, however, by around 12 percent, as the legislators economize on their ambitions.