Turn off the radio, Bob!

One has to shake one’s head trying to come up with a response to Bob Youngerman’s diatribe on pulling funding from public broadcasting — namely, National Public Radio [“Please Tell Me Why I Should Support NPR,” April 6 Xpress]. It’s obvious that Mr. Youngerman, the “unaffiliated voter with a conservative bent,” is ignorant of the […]


What’s the future hold? Here are a few hints from the HATCH festival, held in Asheville April 15-19. Gaming notions Like the Grateful Dead? This August, Curious Sense is releasing a virtual, social-networking Deadhead game where players can scavenger hunt for VW Beetles in real life and post photos online for points. But video games […]

Commercial radio pays its own way

I want to reply to Fred Flaxman's letter of March 30 [“Don’t let public Media Go to Static,” Xpress]. National Public Radio wants the taxpayers to subsidize [its programming]. I listen to Fox News Radio all day long, They use commercial advertisers, not corporate sponsors. Advertisers pay a lot more than sponsors. That is the […]

Don’t let public media go to static!

The future of public broadcasting in the U.S. is seriously in doubt. The Republicans are trying to cut out all funds for public radio and TV, which would be devastating not only to NPR and PBS, but to WCQS, public radio for our area, and UNC-TV, public TV for our entire state. Some argue that […]