Turn off the radio, Bob!

One has to shake one’s head trying to come up with a response to Bob Youngerman’s diatribe on pulling funding from public broadcasting — namely, National Public Radio [“Please Tell Me Why I Should Support NPR,” April 6 Xpress]. It’s obvious that Mr. Youngerman, the “unaffiliated voter with a conservative bent,” is ignorant of the […]


What’s the future hold? Here are a few hints from the HATCH festival, held in Asheville April 15-19. Gaming notions Like the Grateful Dead? This August, Curious Sense is releasing a virtual, social-networking Deadhead game where players can scavenger hunt for VW Beetles in real life and post photos online for points. But video games […]

Commercial radio pays its own way

I want to reply to Fred Flaxman's letter of March 30 [“Don’t let public Media Go to Static,” Xpress]. National Public Radio wants the taxpayers to subsidize [its programming]. I listen to Fox News Radio all day long, They use commercial advertisers, not corporate sponsors. Advertisers pay a lot more than sponsors. That is the […]