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Going to the dogs? Online petition, eviction scare creates confusion about dog park

An online petition that opposes the creation of a North Asheville dog park triggered confusion from both developers and community members, while amassing more than 200 signatures within the last 24 hours. Tonight, a community meeting about the proposed North Asheville dog park intends to address overall questions the public may have. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Flores)

Protect our puppies

Years ago, I was involved in rescuing and relocating dogs from a puppy mill, and images of that day will remain with me forever. Groups of dogs were living together in small, feces-encrusted cages that were stacked one upon another. But while physical conditions were shocking, learning about the long-term psychological effects on these animals […]

Keep it clean, Asheville

I never realized how big of a problem littering was in Asheville until I got a puppy. Taking her for a walk is a near-constant struggle to steer her away from broken glass, cigarette butts, fireworks, piles of dog crap and, most recently, a used diaper. I mean seriously, how lazy does one have to […]

The ultimate missing dog story

This is the ultimate missing dog story, with a happy ending! Thursday morning, my girlfriend and I parted ways as she headed to work and I to the gym. I soon realized I left something at her house and went back to get it. When I [arrived], I noticed the gate to the yard was […]

Sit! Establishing clear expectations and boundaries for your pet leads to a healthier pet, says dog trainer Heather Polechio. photos by Jake Frankel

A pet primer

As a professional dog walker, my pet-care motto is: “When in doubt, wear them out.” Exercise makes a difference for your pet. It helps keep Fido or Garfield at a healthy weight, which prevents such debilitating health problems as arthritis and diabetes — just a few problems that plague overweight pets. Exercise and mental stimulation […]

Searching for Junie

Despite having worked in the veterinary profession for over 15 years, I was surprised by some of the things I learned while trying to recover my lost dog Junebug recently. Returning from work to find 11-year-old Junie missing, I immediately walked the fenced perimeter calling and searching for her, thinking she might be in a […]