"Unsilent Night" in New York City, December, 2013. Photo by Taylor Davidson of Narratively

Electronic Carolers celebrate an “Unsilent Night” in Asheville, Dec. 17

Phil Kline’s sound sculpture “Unsilent Night” has, in the course of its 23 years, become something of a standard in the new music scene. The piece — which will be performed in Asheville on Wednesday, Dec. 17 — asks performers transporting a chorus of boom boxes, CD players and smart-phones to march together through town […]

Asheville needs this green space and the money

Goodness gracious, what a no brainer! And the diocese even offered $300,000 more for the parcel. The downtown area has only one small green space (Pritchard Park), which is severely overused. A landscaped green space in front of the U.S. Cellular Center and, of course, the treasured Basilica, is absolutely a no brainer. We the […]

Splat! at Pritchard Park

photos by Jonathan Welch
It’s a fact of participatory art: Kids participate, adults photograph. On Sunday, July 11, with music for a never-made David Lynch film, a blank canvas, a performance artist painted in white (at least at the beginning), lots of tempera paints and kids with helping hands, “Splat” began.

Askville: On guard

Last December, the city of Asheville announced that it had hired a ranger for Pritchard Park. The strategically sited downtown park has been the focus of disputes concerning everything from homelessness and free breakfasts to drum circles (not to mention the occasional protest-sign-wielding polar bear), and the news traveled fast. Some in the community saw […]