Maps reveal how Asheville, county property values have shifted

Maps from the Buncombe County Tax Assessor’s office reveal how property values shifted — sometimes drastically — after the recent property revaluation. Almost every neighborhood within the city of Asheville saw values rise, while the housing market crash hit most areas of the county hard, with some areas even losing half their property value.

CIBO discussion: Property values and the state of the local economy-attachment0

CIBO discussion: Property values and the state of the local economy

About 50 local business owners gathered over grilled chicken yesterday for a discussion about property values and the state of Asheville’s economy. The monthly “Power Lunch Meeting” was sponsored by the Council of Independent Business Owners and featured a panel of city, county and business leaders, including County Tax Collector Gary Roberts, County Attorney Michael Frue, Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson and the owner of Spake Real Estate, John Spake.

The writing on the wall

The man came to me, explaining with unassailable logic why, in the face of a tax revaluation that threatened to tear the communities of Jackson County apart, his quiet community by the river would be safe from the proposed 4,000-acre development of golf courses and mountain mansions. “Two percent of the people in this country […]