Making a path for mental health: Local psychotherapist starts national nonprofit-attachment0

Making a path for mental health: Local psychother­apist starts national nonprofit

As a private psychotherapist, Paul Fugelsang understands the struggle between saying “yes” to middle-class clients who can’t afford his services and “no” to people in need. To meet those challenges, Fugelsang recently launched a national nonprofit, the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Its mission is to make it easier for people to find the counseling they need at a price they can afford, and to reward and encourage counselors to say “yes” to a group Fugelsang says is “falling through the cracks.”  (Photo of Paul Fugelsang by Max Cooper)

The Biz

Whatever your line of work, you’ve probably been forced to attend a company retreat at some point. And too often, they’re events to be endured rather than genuinely enjoyed. Are we having fun yet?: Psychotherapist and corporate-retreat leader Marla Chalnick aims to make the oft-dreaded retreats a meaningful experience. Whether it’s dry speeches or fire-walking […]