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Beautiful Minds: Aurora envisions new dawn for artists in recovery

Homeless, stressed and dealing with a family crisis, the woman hardly seemed a goddess when she entered the Neil Dobbins Center in Asheville. But for drug-and-alcohol counselor Lori Greenberg, this woman would become her muse. This May, Greenberg founded the Aurora Studio & Gallery for artists struggling with mental illness, addiction and homelessness. She hopes to open the studio sometime next year in the River Arts District. (Photo by Caitlin Byrd)

What does New Belgium mean for old Asheville?

I find it very frustrating that an article about changes in the River Arts District due to New Belgium's arrival doesn't even mention what they will be replacing when they build at their future location [“Big Breweries Bring Big Changes,” May 16 Xpress]. It isn't a vacant lot. It seems that a lot of folks […]

CIty of Asheville will give New Belgium $3.5 million in incentives­, infrastruc­ture improvemen­ts

As part of the deal to bring a new, East Coast brewery here, the city of Asheville will give New Belgium $3.5 million in tax reimbursements over seven years, provided it goes through with its plans to invest $175 million in building the new facility. The city will also make infrastructure improvements to the area costing more than $500,000.

To First Bank, regarding the Downtown Market

The Neighborhood Associations of South French Broad Avenue and West End Clingman Avenue respectfully request that you reconsider your plan to foreclose on the building located at 45 S. French Broad Ave. and consider negotiation of other options that preserve and support the unique mix of neighborhood uses. The opening of the Downtown Market by […]

From First Bank, regarding the Downtown Market

Please be assured that First Bank entered the Asheville market with the acquisition of the Bank of Asheville with the express intent of becoming an integral part of the economy and community. First Bank, as a community bank leader in North Carolina, sees value in the Asheville area, the people, the businesses and the other […]

APB from the RAD

Local artist Stephen Lange sent Xpress a note that a work in progress, a “2-foot by 6-foot diptych, brown stained wood towards the periphery with 8 red zigzag sunrays/lightning bolts in the center,” was taken from the area outside of his Wedge-building studio in the River Arts District. Lange asks that “If anyone sees this painting, please let the artist know. I’m on the second floor of the Wedge building.” See Lange’s full bulletin in this post.

Touring the town through art, from Deco to decoupage

Attention, locals and visitors: If you’re intrigued by Asheville’s creative climate, take advantage of LaZoom’s latest endeavour, the Asheville Art Tour. Hosted by local artist Gabriel Shaffer, the multi-axle expedition connects art enthusiasts to artists and offers a close look at the burgeoning art scene of Asheville from the open windows of the purple bus.

Photos by Zen Sutherland