Asheville water belongs to Asheville

I applaud former Mayor Leni Sitnick's stand against the forces in Raleigh that would rob Asheville of its water rights without due compensation. Rep. Tim Moffitt — he who was re-elected only because of gerrymandering — has been the stalking horse for the takeover of Asheville's rights by the corporate drones whom he represents. He […]

Is Moffitt reinventing the Sullivan Acts?

There are three laws on the books called the Sullivan Acts. In all of North Carolina, they apply only to the city of Asheville. One of those laws prohibits Asheville from charging a higher water rate outside the city limits, as other cities in the state do. Rep. Tim Moffitt says his motivation for absconding […]

What’re you up to?

If the current water talks end in the formation of a Regional Water Agreement, I was wondering if all the participating members will be burdened by the unfair Sullivan Acts, or will Asheville be singled out again, as it is now? Mr. Moffit? Mr. McGrady? Anyone know? — Leni Sitnick Asheville