Encourage senators to fund tobacco-prevention programs

Since 1999, North Carolina has funded tobacco-prevention programs with money from the Master Settlement Agreement between 46 states and the tobacco industry. This money was intended to recover tobacco related health care costs and be spent on tobacco-prevention programs. Unfortunately, last year's budget terminated these programs as of June 30. I recently visited the General […]

Residents slam House redistrict­ing proposal

About 20 Western North Carolina residents shared their views on the N.C. General Assembly’s House and Senate redistricting proposals at a July 18 public hearing at A-B Tech.  The vast majority of them lambasted the House proposal as GOP gerrymandering designed to give Republicans an electoral edge at the expense of Democratic candidates and voters. Here’s a sampling of the people who came out and their views.
Photo by Jonathan Welch

Fisher, Keever urge supporters to speak out against redistricting plan at July 18 hearing-attachment0

Fisher, Keever urge supporters to speak out against redistrict­ing plan at July 18 hearing

In response to proposed Statehouse districts released July 13 that place Democratic Reps. Susan Fisher and Patsy Keever in the same district, both are urging supporters to speak out against the plan at a July 18 public hearing at A-B Tech. If passed, the plan would potentially pit the two colleagues against each other in a primary next year to represent a newly drawn 114th that encapsulates most of Asheville.

NC Matters

Entering her fourth term in the N.C. General Assembly, Rep. Susan Fisher of the 114th District is the senior representative from Buncombe County. As a Democrat, however, she lost the leadership positions she held last year as Republicans took control of both houses of the Legislature in January. "None of the Democrats are seeing office-holding […]