UNSINKABLE: Even if fame has yet eluded him, Seth Kauffman, second from left, continues to release wildly original yet wholly distinct records as Floating Action. Photo by Sandlin Gaither, handmade set by Kauffman

Solo searching: Floating Action returns with a hi(gher)-fi new album

“Quiet bros stick together,” is how local singer-songwriter and producer Seth Kauffman sums up working with musician Ray LaMontagne. Kauffman played guitar on LaMontagne’s recent, Dan Auerbach-produced Supernova and says that LaMontagne asked him to work on his next album as well. In fact, Kauffman has been spending a lot of time working on other […]

BET BobbyBareJr. by JoshuaBlackWilkins copy

Smart bets: Bobby Bare Jr.

Bobby Bare Jr., son of Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare, is touring in support of his latest release, Undefeated. The album is “10 songs of reality checks, clever wordplay and daring arrangement, the aural companion to that buddy who pulls up a barstool next to yours to help soak away your sorrows,” according […]

Photo courtesy of the band

Smart bets: Gringo Star

The psych-rock outfit Gringo Star has been described as a “’60s beach party on acid,” and with musical influences ranging from The Stooges to The Kinks to Sam Cooke, that sounds about right. Musicians and brothers Nicholas and Peter Furgiuele and cohort Chris Kaufmann put forth the band’s latest, self-produced album, Floating Out to See, which […]

Party on: "Everything changes all the time anyway," says Karl Wallinger of music and life. Photo courtesy of the artist

Ship shape

World Party comes to Asheville It’s possible that the most famous World Party song is “She’s the One,” made a hit single by Robbie Williams in the late ’90s. But World Party founder and core member Karl Wallinger is no stranger to hits: “Ship of Fools” came from the band’s 1986 debut; Wallinger has also […]

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Smart Bets: The Dex Romweber Duo

The Dex Romweber Duo is “a creepy doll collection of surf, proto-rockabilly, garage, dark and vengeful blues, and nobody but nobody plays it like Dex,” according to a press release. Romweber, formerly of Flat Duo Jets, plays guitar while his “whip-wristed” sister, Sara Romweber (formerly of Let’s Active) finesses the drums. Together, they make music […]

Photo by Freda Corine Banks

Vinyl versus the air: Sean Hayes on change, solo shows and returning to the South

Singer-songwriter Sean Hayes has been crafting his soul-tinged songs for more than two decades. “I think one of the challenges of working at home alone is you can get a lost in your own world,” he says of the new experience of recording in his own studio. But a forthcoming project is currently on hold for a string of shows that brings Hayes back to The Grey Eagle on Tuesday, May 6.

Captain planet: From Digable Planets' Doodlebug to the frontman of his own nine-piece funk and rock-tinged outfit, Cee Knowledge continues to forge ahead. Photo by Laura DeSantis Olsen

Still digable

Digable Planets would disband just a few years later after its 1993 Grammy-winning crossover smash “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat),” with its three members each going onto to their own solo careers. Cee Knowledge, who went by Doodlebug in the group, will be playing a show with his Cosmic Funk Orchestra at The Grey Eagle on Thursday, April 24.


Sound Track web extra: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

The Athens, Ga.-based duo claimed to be rusty when they took the Grey Eagle stage (not so: They opened with a fierce rendition of the Piedmont Blues song “Crow Jane”). They claimed they hadn’t been practicing much. Also untrue, but Holly and her one-man-backing-band Lawyer Dave (on guitar, vocals and a couple of kick drums) do create this casual atmosphere, like this is their front porch and you just happened to wander past.


Blame it on Holly Golightly (she plays The Grey Eagle in Friday, April 11)

Now, 20-plus albums into her career, Golightly has just released It’s Her Fault. Don’t expect it to sound radically different from earlier releases, says a press release. “It’s still a raw, rough-hewn stew of twisted roots music forged by the duo’s distinct musical interests…” Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs play The Grey Eagle on Friday, April 11. 9 p.m., $10/$12. The Shine Brothers also perform.

Seeing the Lighght: Kishi Bashi in Asheville-attachment0

Seeing the Lighght: Kishi Bashi in Asheville

The thing about a Kishi Bashi concert is that you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the songs to get the show. In fact, there’s something to be said for coming into contact with a Kishi Bashi (the project of singer-songwriter/violinist/composer K Ishibashi) song for the first time. They’re not so much songs in the verse-chorus-verse sense as tiny worlds encapsulated in sound that ranges from bubbly pop to sweeping classical composition. The Athens, Ga.-based musician played The Grey Eagle on Tuesday in advance of his new album, “Lighght”; Tall Tall Trees opened.