Driving the narrow way

Folks driving down Hillside Street seem utterly confused about who has the right of way when parked cars make it impossible for both cars to pass. Many neighborhood roads in Asheville are quite narrow indeed! The "general" rule of the road is, if you need to cross the center of the road to pass a […]

Bicyclists have to share the road too!

I am thrilled to see the growth of alternative transportation being fostered by our vibrant, local culture that is throwing itself into biking, busing, carpooling, etc. I'm also aghast at the dangerous conditions it has created. The unintended side-effect of increasing pedestrian and cycling traffic on our streets is that many people join the cause, […]

Road rage recipes

Thanks to your paper, I now know the names of two of the people I might have seen in my rearview mirror, tailgating my bumper while I was driving 10 mph over the limit in the left lane and searching for a way to move over into a crowded right lane [“Drive, He Said” March […]

The left lane is for passing

Thank you, Vernon Hill, for bringing up the most annoying habit to grace our highways: cars residing in the fast lane, otherwise known as Fast-Lane Hogs [“Drive, He Said,” March 16 Xpress]. Nothing enrages me more than drivers taking up occupancy in the passing lane. On a recent trip, I was graced with a middle […]

Malfunctio­n junction goes high-tech

Does your road-rage quotient rise around construction sites? Have you long harbored smoldering anger at Asheville’s renowned “malfunction junction,” aka the approach routes to the interchange for Interstates 26 and 40? Are you baffled and perplexed by the construction going on there now? Life in the fast lane: Schedules and updates on the I-16/I-40 approach […]

Asheville City Council

What a difference a couple of years makes. In 2002, concerns about traffic congestion threatened to derail a massive, highly controversial east Asheville development project. Toward the end of a 14-hour public hearing and Council debate that played out before a standing-room-only crowd that overflowed into three adjacent rooms, however, the developer volunteered to scale […]