All aboard, Asheville!

Let us not hesitate to build a new transportation system that implements light rail, bus and bike lanes as an addition to Asheville’s current transportation system. The long-term effects of implementing this infrastructure now far outweigh any doubt, hesitation or fear of cost. Long term, a light rail could bring residents from Marshall or Canton […]

Officials: Again, don’t panic, fuel is on the way-attachment0

Officials: Again, don’t panic, fuel is on the way

A host of county, city and state officials asked citizens to stay calm at a press conference this afternoon, stating that while steps are being taken to relieve the gas shortage, supplies would be spotty for at least another week, though more fuel is coming into the region. Mayor Terry Bellamy also criticized the state government for slow action, while state Rep. Charles Thomas said large oil companies “are begging us to regulate them.”

Craving nature

I recently spent a month at home with my 4-month-old daughter, Eleanor Marie. During this time, I learned many things, some of them totally new to me. She’s my first child, and I’ve found out why every little girl is a daddy’s girl. And like every parent, I know my child is the most beautiful […]