COFFEE CONNECTIONS: Dynamite Roasting Co. owners Josh Gibbs and Andy Gibbon, second and fourth from left, respectively, are hosting Honduran coffee suppliers Liliana Cardona and Oscar Omar Alonzo, pictured, for a Q&A and tasting event. The local roasters hope to foster a conversation between both ends of their supply chain. Plus, Gibbon says, "They get to see their coffee on the grocery store shelves. That's pretty cool.”

Small bites: Dynamite Roasting Co. hosts Honduran coffee suppliers in Asheville

A tasting event hosted by Dynamite Roasting Co., will bring together two Honduran coffee purveyors with the locals who drink their harvests; Chelsea Wakstein leads a workshop on fermented condiments at Villagers; Firestorm Books and Coffee hosts a vegan pressure cooking demonstration; and ASAP is awarded a $45,000 grants to assist farmers and markets.

MENU FOR ALL: Despite its seacentric name, Oyster House offers plenty of vegetarian-friendly fare, including a hummus plate, red beans and kale and a spinach-mushroom burger. Photo by Jayson Im

Carnivore name, vegetarian game: 12 Bones, King Daddy’s and Oyster House offer more than their titles suggest

By now, Jim Klingel is accustomed to the misconceptions that the name Oyster House Brewing Co. yields. On a regular basis, the restaurant’s chef hears that his brother Billy’s brewpub is owned by The Lobster Trap (it’s not, though its roots began there), that all of the beers are made with oysters (only the stouts […]

“Wellness” issue is a misnomer

a href=”“Calling the Jan. 25 Mountain Xpress a “Wellness” issue is quite a stretch. There were only a few articles dealing with wellness — one detailed how Asheville became an alternative medicine mecca and discussed Project Access, which provides free medical care to uninsured residents. But this so-called Wellness issue also included a piece that […]

Heritage my hoof!

Albert Schweitzer said, "think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight," and those words were never far from mind while reading "Feral Pigs, Beaver and Watermelon" in the Aug. 10 Xpress. Over half a dozen species unwillingly and unnecessarily lost their lives so that local "foodies" could “pay homage to the […]

First annual VegFest attracts more than 1,500

Sunday, Aug. 8, marked the debut of VegFest, Asheville’s first all-vegetarian festival. Vendors started setting up their booths as early as 10 a.m., and by 10:30 a.m., folks were already wandering toward Battery Park for the festivities. The event began officially at noon and lasted until 7 p.m. that night. Festival organizers estimate that more than 1,500 people attended.

Sustainabl­e? Sounds like a fish story

In “Go Fish,” Mackensy Lunsford shows that it can take a good deal of effort to identify so-called environmentally friendly seafood choices [July 20 Xpress]. Yet it’s much more difficult than she noted. Scientists using DNA technology recently revealed that 20 to 25 percent of seafood products are fraudulently labeled, with the rates of fraud […]

The Edgy Vegan vs. the Protein Myth

In her recent “Edgy Mama” column, Anne Fitten Glenn says of her daughter, “I respect her desire to be a vegetarian — but when she refuses to eat enough soy, vegetable and dairy proteins, I’m going to push a little bit of meat at her.” ["Feeding Kids Meat Does Not Equal Child Abuse," May 25 […]