Judge blocks crackdown on gambling machines, sheriff says

A restraining order issued by a Guilford County judge is preventing Buncombe County law enforcement from cracking down on new electronic-gambling machines that offer cash payouts, Sheriff Van Duncan and District Attorney Ron Moore said at a Feb. 13 press conference. “The Legislature passed a law at the end of last year that outlawed the […]

N.C. video gambling law

The following documents reveal the legal wrangling between attorneys representing two computer gaming companies, Hest Technologies and International Internet Technologies that are seeking to overturn new gambling laws passed to shut down the operation of computer-based gambling games in convenience stores. The first is a 2005 ruling against prosecuting games like those of Hest or […]

Medford gets new lawyer; judge delays attorney-pay question

Even though he’s already been convicted on federal corruption charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison, former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford, newly shaved bald, was back in an Asheville courtroom on Dec. 4. Medford was assigned a new attorney, Asheville-based David Belser, for his appeal, and Magistrate Judge Dennis Howell delayed consideration of […]

Video poker operator: Bribes given to sheriffs-attachment0

Video poker operator: Bribes given to sheriffs

In the corruption trial of former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford, a salesman for a confessed illegal video-poker operator said that he repeatedly gave bribes — sometimes as much as $3,000 — to Medford, along with legal donations to the Clerk of Court and the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. The company also bribed the Haywood County Sheriff, he testified.