Climate change, agriculture & Warren Wilson College scientist Laura Lengnick

Just 1 percent of headlines these days cover environmental news, despite findings that 80 percent of readers, listeners and viewers want to hear more, according to the nonprofit initiative, Project for Improved Environmental Coverage. Asheville’s fortunate to be near the center of environmental studies, activism and interest — in part due to the work of such experts as Warren Wilson College professor/scientist Laura Lengnick.

Ballots in question for 1,000 registered voters at Warren Wilson College-attachment0

Ballots in question for 1,000 registered voters at Warren Wilson College

With only a few days remaining before Election Day, Buncombe County Board of Elections has failed to determine the proper ballot for 1,000 registered voters residing on the campus of Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, including students, faculty and staff. UPDATE: This post was updated Nov. 3 with additional information: Some students are being told by election officials that they must vote again for their ballots to count and outside groups are considering legal options.

Swannanoa Journal: The significance of local (and global) watersheds

In this edition of Warren Wilson College’s “Swannanoa Journal,” Warren Wilson College Professor Catherine Reid discusses learning that she lives in the Ross Creek watershed. What does it mean, living in a watershed? What area does it cover, where does it drain, and how do you educate students about watersheds and their significance.