Ballots in question for 1,000 registered voters at Warren Wilson College-attachment0

Ballots in question for 1,000 registered voters at Warren Wilson College

With only a few days remaining before Election Day, Buncombe County Board of Elections has failed to determine the proper ballot for 1,000 registered voters residing on the campus of Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, including students, faculty and staff. UPDATE: This post was updated Nov. 3 with additional information: Some students are being told by election officials that they must vote again for their ballots to count and outside groups are considering legal options.

Greener health care: Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care CEO Tim Johnston stands at the entrance to the Patton Avenue clinic, which he says was built with healthy, sustainable communities in mind. He’ll show how in his June 3 presentation the Mountain Green Conference at Warren Wilson College. photo by Jerry Nelson

Beyond the green dwelling

EDITOR’S NOTE: The 2011 Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities Conference has been canceled. We can change our lifestyles; we can change how we interact with each other; we can change our future. That’s the word from Olson Huff, a local pediatrician who helped draw the health community into Mountain Green, an annual sustainability conference held […]