A garden for a foodie: Sheila Dunn transformed her steep Weaverville lawn into an edible landscape where fruits, vegetables and other delights take the place of grass. Photo by Carrie Eidson

Why I grow: Edible landscaping with Sheila Dunn

For many, edible plants are grown in rows in the vegetable garden — often kept out of sight in the back or side yard. But for Sheila Dunn, a retired microbiologist and Master Gardener, edibles are a beautiful necessity to be woven into the landscape. Dunn converted her steep, rocky Weaverville property into an edible landscape that now provides more than half of everything she eats.

Making it happen

“I’m concerned with … ,” “I am troubled by … ,” “I’m confused about … .” We hear these sentiments a lot these days. But what’s often sorely missing is a good old “Here’s what we’re going to do about it.” I am founder and president of the N.C Mountain Area Youth Soccer Association, based […]