A thank you from the boys of Brevard Road

In the Brevard Road West Asheville fire on Feb. 24, the three of us lost the majority of our possessions but we quickly gained a greater admiration for our friends, family and community. We all moved here from across the South and, like so many others, we did so for the natural beauty of the […]

Newman cares about neighborho­ods

We are writing in support of Brownie Newman’s candidacy for Buncombe County commissioner. Newman exemplified leadership as an Asheville City Council member and vice mayor for environmental initiatives by slashing the city’s carbon footprint through LED bulbs for streetlamps, hybrid engines for buses and the expanded household-recycling program. More significantly, Newman demonstrated time and time […]

How to help the men who lost their home to a fire on Friday-attachment0

How to help the men who lost their home to a fire on Friday

On Friday evening, the Brevard Road house of Parker Sloan, Grey Nelson and Adam Bowers burned to the ground. No one was injured, but high winds made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the flames and the house was destroyed. The Asheville community has responded with various events to help their neighbors. To help, read on:

(Parker Sloan sorts through the remnants of his bedroom. Photos by Bill Rhodes)

More than 100 West Asheville residents meet to discuss ways to reduce neighborho­od crime

More than 100 West Asheville residents crowded into a meeting hall on one of the hotter evenings of the year to hear reports from the Asheville Police Department and to talk to neighbors about what many felt has bee a rash of crimes in area, including several home invasions. The Asheville Police Department provided information about crime in general in the city, updates on ongoing investigations and tips for staying safe.
photo by Michael Muller