How to help the men who lost their home to a fire on Friday-attachment0

How to help the men who lost their home to a fire on Friday

On Friday evening, the Brevard Road house of Parker Sloan, Grey Nelson and Adam Bowers burned to the ground. No one was injured, but high winds made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the flames and the house was destroyed. The Asheville community has responded with various events to help their neighbors. To help, read on:

(Parker Sloan sorts through the remnants of his bedroom. Photos by Bill Rhodes)

More than 100 West Asheville residents meet to discuss ways to reduce neighborho­od crime

More than 100 West Asheville residents crowded into a meeting hall on one of the hotter evenings of the year to hear reports from the Asheville Police Department and to talk to neighbors about what many felt has bee a rash of crimes in area, including several home invasions. The Asheville Police Department provided information about crime in general in the city, updates on ongoing investigations and tips for staying safe.
photo by Michael Muller

To First Bank, regarding the Downtown Market

The Neighborhood Associations of South French Broad Avenue and West End Clingman Avenue respectfully request that you reconsider your plan to foreclose on the building located at 45 S. French Broad Ave. and consider negotiation of other options that preserve and support the unique mix of neighborhood uses. The opening of the Downtown Market by […]

From First Bank, regarding the Downtown Market

Please be assured that First Bank entered the Asheville market with the acquisition of the Bank of Asheville with the express intent of becoming an integral part of the economy and community. First Bank, as a community bank leader in North Carolina, sees value in the Asheville area, the people, the businesses and the other […]

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West Asheville hosts Naked Girls Reading

On one hand, The Anam Cara Theatre Company’s third installment of Naked Girls reading was exactly what one would expect: completely naked women reading from an unadorned stage. But within the first five minutes it was clear that the production’s entertainment value had little to do with nudity beyond the novelty of witnessing three performers casually disrobe and take their seats.

Sunny days: Sunflowers in season

Temperatures may likely push 90 degrees today, as Western North Carolina remains hot and, overall, a bit dry (Buncombe joins much of the state in the lowest level drought conditions, “abnormally dry,” but some counties — including nearby Jackson, Swain and Macon — have dried out enough to be in level two, Moderate Drought). But a West Asheville sunflower brings a little morning cheer. Look for afternoon showers and muggy conditions later today, however.  photo by Margaret Williams