Western Carolina Medical Society: The difference between hospice and palliative care

In this article, Dr. Janet Bull, medical director at Four Seasons Compassion for Life in Henderson County, explains the difference between palliative care and hospice as part of a series presented by the Western Carolina Medical Society.  This is a frequent question that people often ask us at Four Seasons Compassion for Life.  First of all, […]

From the WCMS: Stroke facts and prevention-attachment0

From the WCMS: Stroke facts and prevention

In recognition of American Stroke Month, Dr. Alex Schneider and Dr. Jennifer Jones write about the different types of stroke, the signs and how you can prevent one. Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability the United States and the fourth leading cause of death. (Image courtesy of the American Heart Association)

Healthy communicat­ion: Interprete­r network expands to Henderson, Transylvan­ia Counties

When patients in Henderson and Transylvania Counties tell doctors where it hurts next year, their spoken language won't cause additional harm or discomfort. For patients who are already suffering, “Having a language barrier and being forced to get a community member or family member to talk for you puts your health information out there for […]